30 Day Home Selling Program

Your home is Guaranteed Sold in 30 Days or I'll Sell it for FREE!

After seeing so many sellers scared to get locked into a 6 month listing agreement with an agent who does nothing to sell their home, we decided we had to do something about it, so went ahead and came up with a plan to separate ourselves from these types of agents. We did this by incorporating a “Fire us at anytime” clause which allows our clients to fire us if we are not doing our job, this holds us accountable and forces us to continue to work hard for our client, but we wanted to take it one step further, so we went ahead and put our money where our mouth is and created our: Sold in 30 Days or I sell it for Free” plan.

Our Sold in 30 Days plan is as simple as this: We guarantee to sell your home in 30 days or we will sell it for free, meaning we will not charge you a commission on our side of the transaction.

No Gimmicks, No Hassles, No Excuses… Guaranteed in writing.

Some Properties Excluded.

Details of Sold in 30 Day plan:

  • Sales price is mutually agreed to by Patrick & Seller.
  • Seller agrees to implement our staging advice.
  • Seller makes home available to view Mon-Sun 8:00am-6:00pm
  • Seller will agree to 1 price reduction that is agreed to in advance which will be implemented on day 17.

Other Terms and exclusions:

  • Sold is defined as executed purchase agreement.
  • Guarantee is null and void if the seller rejects an acceptable offer within 5% of current asking price.
  • If not sold within the 30 day period, The DeFeo Group will not charge Seller a listing broker commission, seller will only pay an admin and advertising fee of $1,995 to listing broker.
  • A 3% commission is still payable to the buyer’s broker.
  • Some rural areas are excluded from this offer.
  • Some condos are excluded from this offer
  • Pre-foreclosure and foreclosed homes are excluded from this offer
  • Property must be available for all types of loans (FHA, VA, Conv)

SOLD in 30 Days or we Sell it for FREE!

If you would like to know more about our program and to see if your home qualifies, please enter your information below or call us at 941-518-0708